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Learn Russian during your Holliday at one of the beaches of Sevastopol

at the coast of the subtropical peninsula Crimea at the Black Sea Riviera

RussianInSevastopol.com, for learning or vervolleren of the Russian language in Sevastopol. You will learn better and faster between the Russians speak Russian

If you want to learn Russian there are many possibilities. In the some countries they offer a few lessons a week in courses you follow. After this lessons you go home and be at your selves and pursue further study. But who in your area you can exercise? Is your statement still good?

Sevastopol Krim Artellerie haven aan de Zwarte Zee

Fontein in het stadspark van Sevastopol ter herinnering aan het 225 jarig bestaan van naam Sevastopol in 2008

Strand aan het Omega Beach in Sevastopol aan de Zwarte Zee Riviera


A few questions for what RussianInSevastopol.com knows the answers. There are a few providers of Russian language courses in the field, but none can offer what RussianInSevastopol.com can. We provide Russian language lessons in Sevastopol at the subtropical Black Sea Riviera in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe at various levels of Russian courses for beginners or advanced, conversational Russian classes, special classes for Russian children, and classes for expatriates and business purposes. For anyone interested in Russian culture, holiday or business trip to Russian-speaking countries, for parents of Russian or Ukrainian adopted children, we have tailor made courses.  
not have the pleasure of learning between Russian-speaking people on the street, in shops, at the hairdresser or wherever you come along and join the pleasant things of a subtropical destination with sun, beach, southern culture and an indescribable amount of history? Why travel to the cold St. Petersburg or Moscow when you can take your book and do your homework on your towel at one of the many beaches, cafes or terraces. Or enjoy an excursion along one of the many museums, palaces and breathtaking coast!
We offer all the possibilities that you know and feel yourself at home in an old university town with many cultural highlights and rich history, or directly on the coast. We have the ideal locations in Sevastopol, you need to enjoy the sun and the Russian language. You also can come into contact with your fellow international and local students.


Foros Kapel gebouwd op  een klif 800 meter boven de zeespiegel

De arrtillerie haven in Sevastopol Krim verwelkomt vele schepen aan haar kade bij de Zwarte Zee


You can visit RussianInSevastopol.com all year to learn Russian. We offer complete packages, your theoretical and practical lessons, accommodation, airport and train station transfers, excursions and more. And with courses individually or in groups for the duration of 1 day until ... Look at the page with our courses to learn more. Of course the climate is the most pleasant between October and April, but during the winter you can ski on Aj Petry or stay out the wind in the sun on a terrace.
translations from and into almost any language with Russian please contact us. These translations are fast, effective and appropriate concepts and intentions in your writing translated. So not like all machine translations. The translations can be legalized by a notary and are obviously of a very high level with a very low price. Read here what RussianInSevastopol.com can do for you


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