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TeleTolk - Tele Interpreter


Your personal Russian telephone interpreter during your trip to Russia


Tele Interpreter is a concept that its effectiveness has thoroughly proven in recent years. Tele Interpreter is a unique concept of translation when you need it, directly between you and your Russian partner is translated.


Anyone who already has taken trips to Russia, was probably already in the situation that there confusion occurred or that you where no longer able to track where it was about. These moments usually occur in specific situations where tickets must be rebooked or something is ordered to be paid. Also during your contacts with border police,  militia, in shops, taxis, museums, garages and many other places, Tele Interpreter's effectiveness is already proven.


With our full-time staff in Sevastopol, Tele Interpreters from RussianInSevastopol.com directly translate perfect translation and interpreting your conversation to and from the Russian speaking people. Our exceptional customer service, quality and support are designed to make your problem ours and to reassure you and your traveling convenience increases. A simple problem may result in an emergency situation where you will feel supported by the Tele Interpreter.


There are several reasons to choose the Tele Interpreter RussianInSevastopol.com:

  • Because of our location in Sevastopol, that has a Russian population, we are always ready to help you quickly and help you to have conversations with Russian speaking people.

  • Our university graduate translators and interpreters and the work process we use, ensure that the problem is immediately understandable and can be solved.

  • We translate all texts from and into Russian or Ukrainian.

  • No expensive settlements with hidden (international) per minute using expensive 0900 numbers. Our local number gives you more for your money.

  • The payment to Tele Interpretation is a one-time fee per trip, that guarantee you 24/7 telephone translation service regardless of the number.

  • For companies and institutions that wish to make regular use of our services, we offer interesting subscriptions.

What is important to us, we seek the appropriate service for our customers. From the moment you grab the phone or email approaching us, you can learn about our professionalism. All translations, whether the translation of personal, marketing, financial, technical, legal discussions, we apply familiar methods to translate to deliver a very high quality. No translation company grows as fast as we do, nor is there any company in the EU or elsewhere that offers you as much value for your money. We are simply cheaper and one of the few who provide official translations.



Ask Tele Interpreter now for your next trip and make a carefree and understandable way.


Please do not forget to tell us your arrival, departure date and destination entries in the "message" option when paying.


Within 24 hours of receipt of your payment, your personal Tele Interpreter RussianInSevastopol.com will inform you the following in an e-mail:

  • Your personal Tele Tolk phone number.
  • Your personal Interpreting confirmation code.
  • The name of your personal Tele Tolk.
  • Further relevant information





All your conversations are in very good hands with us. Legally interpreter and translators have worldwide confidentiality and therefore conduct  the medico sign. They are therefore in violation, legally liable and lose their work for life. Additionally RussianInSevastopol.com makes all precautions your calls don't fall into the wrong hands and there is nothing recorded. 










Upon receipt of the payment of 20 Euro service fee, you are guaranteed and you are entitled to the personal telephone interpreting translation service RussianInSevastopol.com, with a total maximum call duration of 1 hours per trip. This is regardless of how many times you want to call. If paid and unused amounts can not be passed on to other tours or returned. Paid services are personal and are not transferable. (Except subscriptions) Upgrading your balance is always possible. If you pay us your name, traveldates and destination (city) have to be provided. 





Tele Interpreter standard translation service is offered by Kozak Travel , free of charge to all its guests since 2003.





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