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Translation and interpreters


Looking for a cost-effective, quality-oriented translation agency?

The translations of RussianInSevastopol.com are guaranteed the best!


Your Russian translations and interpreting in Sevastopol


RussianInSevastopol.com provides translations for individuals, businesses, government and other agencies worldwide. With our full-time staff in Sevastopol is RussianInSevastopol.com a perfect translation agency to and from the Russian or Ukrainian. Our exceptional customer service and our support are meant to reassure you and to increase the quality of our translations.


There are several reasons to choose the translations of RussianInSevastopol.com:

  • Because of our location in Sevastopol we're always ready to help you quickly obtain the quality and language of born Russians and Ukrainians.

  • The cheap way of working in Sevastopol gives you more for your money.

  • Our university graduate translators and interpreters and the process we use, make your text in your own in the foreign language of high quality.

  • We translate all texts from and into Russian or Ukrainian.

What is important to us, we seek the appropriate service for our customers. From the moment you grab the phone or email approaching us, you can learn about our professionalism. All translations, whether the translation of personal, marketing, financial, technical, legal documents or texts, we apply familiar methods to deliver translations of a very high quality. No translation company grows as fast as we do, nor is there any company in the EU or elsewhere that offers you this much value for your money. We are simply cheaper and one of the few who provide official translations.


About us


The Translation Bureau RussianInSevastopol.com provides translation for businesses, governments and individuals.

Russian / Ukrainian - English (visa versa)

Russian / Ukrainian - French (visa versa)

Russian / Ukrainian - Spanish (visa versa)

This is done by our office based in Sevastopol, Sevastopol, Ukraine. 



RussianInSevastopol.com works exclusively with in Sevastopol born Russian or Ukrainian University-trained translators and interpreters. (This provision also work for the parliament of the Crimea, the city Sevastopol and the Russian Black Sea fleet!)


Fast and easy delivery of your translation


Translations are often needed at short notice. We make every effort to deliver your translated text as fast as possible. You send text by fax or e-mail. We will send you our offer immediately. After we received your agreement you will receive within the agreed time the translation by fax or e-mail. The invoice lists all details of your contract and the way to settle these requirements.




Because of the many legal documents and the fact that many translations are needed by some government, automatically they are all seen by a notary and legalized by him/her. You don't need further actions to make your documents directly available to use for important matters. 



RussianInSevastopol.com keeps its rates low and is not afraid of any price/quality check. Therefore you pay with us "not a penny too much you know!"





How do I request a quote?


Want to receive a free quote for your text ? 
Email your message to us with an indication of the desired target language. 
For personal service please call our office in Sevastopol.




All your documents are with us in very good hands. Legally interpreters / translators have worldwide confidentiality and therefore the conduct medico sign is in their personal stamps. Therefore They are in violation personal legally liable and lose their work for life. Additionally RussianInSevastopol.com makes all precautions to keep your documents out off the wrong hands.







Clients from the past


Thank you for the very good service and fun companionship at and off the set of Soldiers of Fortune in Balaklava Crimea. Sean Bean, Dominic Monaghan, Ving Rhames, Christian Slater, James Cromwell.




Soldiers of Fortune was filmed at Sevastopol, Crimea during May 2010 and was released to theaters on February 2, 2011




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